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Managing Director’s Message

Spending a few moments looking back over the years fills me with a great sense of pride. Pride not so much in one individual success or person but pride in our individual, company and national accomplishments. Our success would be impossible without each of these interrelated parts. In the individual employees who have given the extra effort and dedication needed to compete and grow in our market, our company in providing the highest quality of goods and services to clients and customers and our nation that has rapidly grown and blossomed under our visionary leader.

This great land, which today stands as the fastest growing regional economy, has been the foundation for the heritage of Al Aufy family and the success of Ali Al Aufy Trading Co. LLC. To be part of the social and economic fabric of Oman since the early 1980’s, contributing to the growth of a nation, has been an overwhelming honor for us as a family and a company.

Ali Al Aufy Trading Co. LLC is built on its commitment to providing the best quality and service to its customers and partners. However, that commitment can only be met with the support and effort of its proactive, dedicated and diligent employees. Over the years, our employees’ have supported the growth of the company and played a role in the renaissance of the last forty years.

The success of Ali Al Aufy Trading Co. LLC and its current status can be attributed not only to the achievements of the country but also to the mutually prosperous partnerships forged with both clients and employees. This corporate profile presents the ideal opportunity to express our gratitude to all those who have made Ali Al Aufy Trading Co. LLC what it is today.

Thank you.

Mohamed Said Zahran Al Aufy

Managing directors note.

Our Mission

Our Mission: “To be recognized as a significant contributor to the sustainable growth and development of the Sultanate of Oman”.

Ali Trading Company LLC was established in the year 1981 and went on to be registered as Ali Al Aufy Trading Company LLC in 1998.

The company over the years has grown in to a multi divisional operation to complement and to supply a diverse range of products, equipment, consumables and provision of required services by the industry, Government and Educational Institutions.

As a supplier to the industry, Government, Research and Educational Institutions, we recognize the need for exceptional customer support, leading to a fully equipped and world class trained customer service team.

Our Vision

We represent leading companies in the field of process Control & Instrumentation, Calibration, Electrical Systems & Equipment, Mechanical Equipment & Components, Sound & Vibration Monitoring, Laboratory Equipment / Turnkey Laboratory’s, Environmental Engineering, Marine, Fire, Safety & Security, Process equipment’s, Corrosion Monitoring and Control Systems to mention but a few.

Our Product Portfolio

  1. Mechanical Equipment’s
  2. Pipeline
  3. Electrical
  4. Instrumentation
  5. Laboratory/Analytical Process
  6. Fire & Safety
  7. Marine
  8. Environmental
  9. Sound & Vibration
  10. Renewable and Solar Solutions
  11. Aviation


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