Our Products

Below are the products that we offer:

Cathodic Protection

  • Corrosion Coupons and Fittings.
  • Internal Corrosion Monitoring and Control Systems.
  • Surge arrestors.



  • Industrial UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply), Rectifiers and Chargers.
  • Batteries – Ni-Cd, Lead Acid.
  • Generators (Diesel and Gas powered) up to 2.3MW.
  • Switchgear Panels, Accessories (MCB, MCCB, ACB, RCB).
  • Cable Management System (Cable Trays, Cable Ladders & Cable Support Systems).
  • Relays, Contactors, Junction Box (EExe, EExd, EExi) GRP & SS materials.
  • Explosion Proof Lighting Fixtures.
  • Power Transformers (up to 200mVA) & Distribution Transformers (160kVA and above).
  • Lightning Eliminators and Surge Protectors.
  • Solar Panel Systems.
  • Cables – Electrical, Instrumentation and Thermocouple.
  • Electrical Motors and Pump.



  • Water Treatment Plants – DM, Desalination, Ultra and Nano Filtration.
  • Sewage Treatment Plants, Sewerage Networks.
  • Environmental Impact Assessments and Management Plans.
  • Hazardous & Non Hazardous Waste Management Schemes.
  • Sound & Vibration Monitoring.
  • Portable & Process Flue Gas Analyzers.
  • Ambient Air Quality Monitoring.
  • Continuous Emission monitoring.
  • Oil Absorbent Booms.
  • Mats for oil spill cleanup.


Fire & Safety

  • Fire Alarm & Fire Fighting Systems and Equipment’s.
  • Firefighting & Rescue vehicles.
  • Fire & Gas Detection Systems, VESDA.
  • Break Glass Units, Smoke Detectors, Gas Detectors.
  • Fire Hoses, Water Irrigation Hoses, Hose Reel & Cabinet.
  • Fire Doors, Hydrant, Extinguisher CO2.
  • Fire Blankets, Emergency Showers & Eye washes.
  • Fire Fighting Pumps – Foam and Water.
  • Breathing Apparatus.
  • Portable Safety Showers, Safety Cabinets.
  • Shelving for dangerous products.
  • Safety waste bins, Safety cans, Pesticide Cabinet.
  • Fireman Clothing, Helmet, Boot, Gloves, Coverall.
  • Cabinet for reagents & Toxic products.
  • Ventilation Safety Cabinets.
  • 90 minutes Fire resistance cabinets.
  • Other related accessories.



  • Ultrasonic Flow meter (Gas and Liquid).
  • Ultrasonic Gas Leak Detectors.
  • Coriolis Flow meters.
  • Sampling, Metering and Blending Systems.
  • Pressure & Temperature Transmitters, Pressure Gauges.
  • Analyzer Systems (Flue Gas, O2, Sox, Nox, CO2, CO).
  • Fusible Plugs, Calibrators.
  • CCTV-Visual Flame Detectors.
  • Flame detectors-UV, IR, UVIR, Triple IR.
  • Gas detectors-Toxic & Flammable.
  • Flow Computers.
  • Odorization Systems.
  • Dynamic Process Simulators, Training and Evaluation Control.
  • ESD Valves, Control Valves, Solenoid Valves, Pressure Regulators, Electric Actuators.
  • Instrument Bulk Industrial, Level Instrument, CCTV System.



  • Repair / Overhaul.
  • Hot & Cold Tapping.
  • Leaks / Emission Control.
  • Inspection / Monitoring.
  • Cleaning.
  • Corrosion Protection.
  • Consultancy.


Laboratory / Analytical Process

  • General Laboratory Items, Glassware and Plastic ware.
  • Turnkey Laboratories.
  • Analytical Balances & Industrial Balances.
  • Density & Concentration measurement, Viscosity, Rheometers, Microwave sample preparation.
  • Water Baths, Ultrasonic Baths, Thermo-regulators, Temp. Calibration Baths, Molecular Biology.
  • Dissolved Oxygen Analyzers in ppb range, Oxygen Analyzers, pH, Turbidity, TDS/Salinity, Conductivity.
  • Instruments for Quality control of Oil, Mud & Cement, Water, Gas and Food Laboratories.
  • Particle size Analyzers, Dry and wet Analysis.
  • Laboratory Gas Generator for Air, Hydrogen, Nitrogen etc.
  • Photometer, Spectrophotometer, BOD, COD, Incubators, Lab refrigerators.
  • Safety Emergency Showers, Safety Cabinets, safety equipment, Fume-hoods, Air pollution extractors.
  • Laboratory safety spillage items.
  • Chromatography Products.
  • Laboratory information systems software (LIMS).
  • General Laboratory Equipment & Materials.



  • Single Buoy Mooring Systems.
  • LPG Offshore Loading Systems.
  • Deep Water Mooring.
  • Mooring Chains, SS Chains, Stud Link Anchor Chain.
  • Mooring Shackles.
  • High Resistance Chains and Fittings, Anchors, Chasers & Grapnels, Shackles.
  • Polyamide (Nylon) Ropes, Aramid Ropes (substantially stronger than Nylon).
  • Deep Ropes, Pick-up Ropes, Single Point Mooring, Fibers, Tape, Yarn, Strap.
  • HMPE Round Slings for heavy lifting applications.
  • Wire Rope & Fittings, Quayside Furniture.
  • Marine Lamps, Signal Lanterns, Rotating Beacons.
  • Bridge and barge Lights, Lamp changers.
  • Marine Traffic Lighting Systems.
  • Seamark Power Systems, Radar Reflectors.
  • Deck Equipment, Chafe Chains.
  • Fenders and Floats.
  • Range Lanterns, Signal Lamps, Unitized Systems.
  • Polyethylene Buoy, Polyethylene Spar Buoy, Multipurpose and Channel Marker Buoys, Deep Water Steel Buoys, Sentinel Multipurpose Buoys.
  • Sea Beacon Racon all-weather guidance to the mariner.
  • Audio beam 2-Mile Fog Signals, AIS A-N Informer.
  • Solar Electric Generator, Auto Transformer, Battery Charger, etc.



Mechanical Equipment’s:

  • Valves (Ball, Gate, Globe, Check , Plug , Needle , Parallel Side Gate Valves, Dual Plate Check Valves, Butterfly Valves, Safety Relief Valves, Control Valves, ESD Valves, DBB Valves, SBB Valves) PVC Valves and Fittings.
  • Valve Interlocking Systems.
  • Valve Test Equipment & Valve Repair Equipment (Safety Valves, Control Valves).
  • Strainers (Y-Type, Basket, Mono Filters, Temporary Strainers).
  • Flame Arrestors, Vacuum Vent Relief Valve, and Blow-off Hatch.
  • Separators, Pressure Vessels, Columns, Dearators, Heat Exchangers, Hydro Cyclones.
  • Pulsation Dampners, Silencers, Filter Separation, Dry Gas Filters, Coalescers, Liquid Filters, Butane Bullets.
  • Chemical Injection Skids, Metering Skids.
  • Stud Bolts & Nuts.
  • Pumps – Centrifugal, Submersible, Screw Pumps.
  • Metering, Dosing, Positive Displacement Pumps, Corrosion Inhibitor Package.
  • Steam Trap.
  • Bearings (Ball, Thrust, Journal & Magnetic).



  • Pipes (Seamless, ERW, HFW, Saw Pipe).
  • Pipeline Cleaning Pigs.
  • Pig Signalers (Intrusive and Non-Intrusive).
  • Strainers (Y-Type, Basket, Mono Filters, Temporary Strainers)
  • Flame Arrestors, Vacuum Vent Relief-valve, Blow-Off Hatch.
  • Stud Bolts & Nuts.
  • Pipeline Flanges.
  • Pipeline Fittings.
  • Pipe Supports (Slide Bearing Pads, Linings, Pipe Blocks and Clamps, Seals, Heavy Duty Pads, Generator Saock Absorbers, Cryogenic Service Blocks).
  • Tubes.
  • Heat Shrink Sleeves.
  • GRE Pipe.
  • Epoxy Grouts.
  • Split Tee for Hot Tapping and Line Stopple.



  • Centrifugal, Submersible, Screw Pumps.
  • Metering, Dosing, Positive Displacement Pumps, Corrosion Inhibitor Package.



  • Valves (Ball, Gate, Globe, Check, Plug, Needle, Parallel Side Gate Valves, Dual Plate Check Valves, Butterfly Valves, Safety Relief Valve, and Blow-Off Hatch.
  • Stud Bolts & Nuts.
  • Steam Trap.
  • Pipeline Cleaning Pigs.
  • Pig Signalers (Intrusive and Non-Intrusive).
  • Pipeline Flanges.
  • Pipeline Fittings.
  • Tubes.
  • Heat Shrink Sleeves.
  • GRE Pipe.

Valves copy

Other Services

  • Heat exchanger re-tubing.
  • Reverse Engineering.
  • Shutdown Services.


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