What We Do

We are here to serve you better, and as our write-up states, our “Vision is to achieve Excellence” thus not only defines our hard-work invested over years of quality of services and product delivery, but also towards the team-work motivation, training as well as dedication put in over the past two decades and principled to precision and Excellence. We know what you need, and we can get you all that you need as per your requirements. Having been in the business for all the years since our establishment in 1981 not only defines us to be one of the best and most knowledgeable organizations across the Sultanate of Oman but also across the globe. We have serviced, delivered, acknowledged and maintained an amazing platform with all our clients, associates to business partners. And With that stated, we invite you today to be part of Ali Al Aufy Trading Company LLC., by being part of our clientele and by following us in this epic journey toward a new frontier. To build nations with us is to build lives with us, thus focusing on nothing else but Excellence from the smallest of details to the most vivid of details and or products.

Services Offered 1  

  • Hot Tapping & Line Plugging
  • Under Pressure Leak Sealing.
  • Wellhead Pack-Off Sealing.
  • On-Site Machining.
  • Metal Disintegration Services.
  • Teson Safety & Relief Valve Testing.
  • Mobile Valve Repair Workshop.
  • Pipe Freezing.
  • Composite Repairs to Pipelines.
  • Controlled Bolting.
  • Valve Management Services.


Services Offered 2  

  • Single Buoy Mooring Installations, Overhauls and Swivels.
  • Deep Water Systems Installations and Overhauls.
  • LPG Offshore Loading System Installations and Overhauls.
  • Deep Water Mooring Installations and Overhauls.



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